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Send a message with Roses.
Roses are always a classic favorite. With more than 110 varieties, their colors encompass a wide spectrum of hues. They're very versatile, they can represent a range of emotions from friendship, romance and joy to sympathy, gratitude or hope.
At Jacbosen's, we always have a rainbow of beautiful shades, all with that signature rose scent!

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What does that color mean?
Coral - Desire
Pale Pink - Grace, Gentleness, Joy
Light Pink - Fun, Happiness, Whimsy
Dark Pink - Thankfulness
Dark Crimson - Mourning
Lavender - Enchantment. Love at first sight
Peach - Modesty
Orange - Fascination, Enthusiasm, Desire
Red - I Love You, Respect
White - Innocence, Spiritual Love, Purity, Secrecy, Silence
Yellow - Joy & Gladness, Friendship, Freedom
Bridal - Happy Love

How many Roses should I send?
1 rose - Love at first sight
2 roses - Mutual Feelings
3 roses - I love you!
7 roses - I'm infatuated with You
9 roses - Together as long as we live
10 roses - You're Perfect
11 roses - You're my treasured one
12 roses - Be my Steady
13 roses - Forever Friends
15 roses - I'm really sorry....
20 roses - I'm sincere towards You
21 roses - I'm committed to You
36 roses - I'll remember our romantic moments
40 roses - My love is genuine
99 roses - I'll love You till the day I die...
100 roses - I'm totally devoted to You
101 roses - You're my one and only
108 roses - Will you marry me???
999 roses - My love will last till the end of time...

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